Katsushika Hokusai Woodblock book Tradition Hokusai Manga All set of 15 Japan

Unused item (I took it out of the cardboard for the first time to take a photo). [Author] Written by Katsushika Hokusai. “Hokusai Manga”, which was introduced overseas in the 19th century, is said to be the “picture encyclopedia/Hokusai switch” that represents the essence of Hokusai’s art. It had a tremendous influence on European painters, […]

Antique Mixed Metal Japanese Vase Bronze Japan 19/20th Century

Antique Collectibles from ShangriLa. 3500 “Make us an offer” Listings/. Antique Mixed Metal Japanese Vase Bronze Japan 19/20th Century. Interesting and finely made mixed metal shibuichi vase. 2 dents to the body. Size 14.5CM high. We can not control this. For China (& rest of Asia) & US allow at least 2 to 3 weeks. […]

Antique Framed 19th C. Japanese Woodblock Yoshiwara By Utagawa Hiroshige

The Antique Framed 19th Century Circa. It is Depicting the Beautiful Snowy Landscape Scenery of the Yoshiwara, Toto in Japan during the Edo Period in 19th Century. The Woodblock Print Shows Minor Toning, Discoloration, and Few Wear on the Frame Consistent with Age, In Good Condition. Title: “Yoshiwara”, From Series “Famous Views of the Eastern […]

18th Century Japanese Print, Samurai Warrior Print Woodblock Print

This 18th century woodblock print from Japan features a magnificent samurai warrior. The intricate details and vibrant colors showcase the skilled artistry of the time period. The print is an authentic antique original, adding to its value and rarity. Its origin in Japan also adds to its cultural significance. This piece is a must-have for […]

Japan Vintage Wooden block prints Ukiyo-e Kabuki 19century 36.2×71.2cm #5

Japan Vintage Wooden block prints Ukiyo-e Kabuki 19century 36.2×71.2cm #5. This product data sheet is originally written in English. S: Like new, only used a couple times. A: Excellent condition no noticeable damage. B: Good condition light sign of used. C: OK condition signs of regular used with scratches and stains. D: Used condition may […]

KATSUSHIKA TAITO Japanese Woodblock Print Book Hokusai Sch. Ukiyoe 1822 Edo 239

Japanese Woodblock Print Book in the Edo Period, 19th Century. The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars by Katsushika Taito. Complete in One Volume. Date: Bunsei 5 (1822) – The first edition. Estimated printed age: c. End of Edo Period c. Total number of pages: 52 pages. Number of illustrated pages: 49 pages. International Buyers – Please Note. […]