Antique 19th-20th Century Japanese Tear Drop Bronze Verdigris Vase Sculpture

Dates: Late 19th Century to 20th century. Exact age is unknown. Vase is not dated. Unsigned- no marking to be found Measures: 9″H x 3″ (widest) 1 Mouth. 75 inside Bronze with verdigris encrusted surface Prominent colors: brown, blue, green Nice patina Condition: Small white spots or stains. Scuffing, scratches, dirt, grime and other wear […]

Antique Japanese 19th Century Imari Comical Dog figure Meiji Period Rare

Stubbsywubsy Antiques, Curios & Collectables. A Fine Japanese Imari Figure of a Comical Dog, 19th century. Please view my other Asian Antiques. Size 12.5 cm tall. Condition in excellent condition, there is a firing fault to where the tip of the tail meets the body. Please use the photos to have a closer look and […]

Antique 19th Century Meiji/Qing Japanese Vase Handpainted Cracked-Ice Pattern

A small antique, 19th century, likely Meiji/Qing period vase of classic “arrow-shaped” or “peach-shaped”, typically Japanese body style, but decorated with a classical Chinese blossoming prunus and cracked-ice pattern, H x W/D: 12 x 7 cm, very similar, both in terms of the size and the decoration, to the one from the National Museum of […]