Antique Shunga Art Collection, 16 Japanese Erotic Paintings, Design It Yourself

Unique authentic shunga collection. Age: Antique, Taisho – Showa period. 16 original antique paintings + 16 blank shikishi (new). The pictures are not glued on, create your own design! Paintings 7 x 9 cm. Shikishi 24 x 27 cm. Shunga is a type of Japanese erotic art typically executed as a kind of ukiyo-e, often […]

Antique Japanese Tobikuchi Tobiguchi Edo Meiji Fireman Tool Ninja Samurai 53.5cm

Antique Japanese Edo Meiji Tobikuchi Tobiguchi Fireman Tool The handle is made of hard wood with an iron on the surface. This TOBIGUCHI was tool for a HIKESHI (Japanese fireman of Edo or Meiji era) it sometimes become the Fighting tool for the rough firemen. Used Condition It is very robust and does not wobble […]

Antique 19th Century Japanese Porcelain 6 Yoshidara Style of Ko Kutani Bowl

This antique Japanese porcelain bowl features beautiful bold flowers in cobalt blue and brown, green leaves, a blue-green butterfly, and black dot accents on a green and cobalt blue background. It is hand-painted with the identifying marking “FUKU, ” meaning good luck. This original piece is a stunning addition to any collection and is sure […]