Satsuma Vases, 19th Century, Pair Of. Meiji Period

This is a stunning pair of Satsuma vases from the late 19th century, originating in Meiji Period Japan. The intricate hand-painted designs feature traditional Japanese motifs and are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of the period. Made from high-quality porcelain/pottery, these vases are a must-have for any collector of antique Asian/Oriental art. The beautiful […]

SATSUMA Ware Vase 19TH CENTURY Sage Temple Fine Art 7inch Antique MEIJI Japanese

It is a very beautiful product. It is a very old and valuable item, so there are minor scratches due to age and deterioration. Please check the photos. Thank you for looking at my items! It may be delayed due to the situation of the country and the weather. International Buyers – Please Note.

Satsuma Warrior Vase 19th Century

This exquisite vase from Japan features a stunning Satsuma warrior design, dating back to the 19th century. Its intricate details and beautiful craftsmanship make it a true collector’s item for those interested in antique Asian/Oriental art. With its origins believed to be in Kagoshima, Japan, Satsuma pottery is known for its unique style and exquisite […]